Drunk Borat with Matt Lauer

6 07 2007

Short video of Matt Lauer and company interviewing Borat. Apparently our favorite Kazahkstani is in the process of celebrating the success of his movie, and wants Matt to let him know where the good prostitutes are in NYC.

We can only hope that Borat doesn’t run into any trouble, like the time he got punched in the face for making the wrong comments in the Big Apple. Oops.




3 responses

7 07 2007
abu ameerah

LOL! That was nothing but hilarious…

I liked two things in particular:

1. Borat: “I want to celebrate tonight. Matt, can you recommend any good prostitutes?”

looooooooooool……..I just find that funny because he asked that question to squeeky-clean Matt Lauer.

2. The look on O’Reillys face when the camera is on him. Perhaps, for the first time in his career, Bill “The Giant Head” O’Reilly had absolutely nothing to say.

: )

7 07 2007

Haha… I would have loved to see O’Reilly take on Borat. Now THAT would’ve been some priceless entertainment! Haha… “communist fox station…”

8 07 2007

Hardest working 7yr olds – LOL! O’Reilly’s expression was just classic.

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