OJ Simpson Talk Show Pranks

3 08 2007

Looks like OJ Simpson is appearing on some crappy local talk shows, but whatever made them think that they could have random callers without absolute chaos, is beyond me. Oh well, without stupid slip-ups like this, the internet would be pretty boring!

Favorite line: “Did you kill Bill Walsh?”

Thanks for the link DJ Flound.




One response

3 08 2007
D. Peace

Those guys obviously have some serious internuts.
They’d piss themselves if they met him in person.

As for OJ, he seems pretty awkward around hecklers. You’d think someone who killed a few people would be USED to receiving criticism by now, but he seems all shifty and nervous.

I mean, for a stain upon society, he seems a bit surprised that his approval rating has sunk so low. Was he expecting accolades?

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