Stephen Colbert vs Rain: The Dance Off

13 05 2008

Colbert vs Rain

As a follow-up to a report last week regarding the hilarious “feud” between Stephen Colbert and Korean pop star Rain, I’ve managed to track down video of the actual dance off. Following the closing segment from an episode of the Colbert Report last week, Colbert does his best to show off his moves but ultimately runs out of gas. Enjoy… Rain!!!


Time’s 100: Colbert vs Rain

10 05 2008

Here’s an older video of the Colbert Report, featuring Stephen Colbert and his first comments on Korean Pop star, Rain. The vid is capped off with Colbert doing an absolutely hilarious rendition of a Rain music video, as he’s “singing in korean.”

For those that haven’t heard about this “feud” between pop culture icons, Stephen Colbert took exception to being second on Time’s 100 most influential people, behind only the K-pop star. Since then Colbert has taken every opportunity to call out Rain, and has even challenged him to a dance off.

Thanks for the link Parker.

Super Size Me Guy Goes After Bin Laden

1 03 2008

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting Morgan Spurlock,  the genius behind the critically acclaimed documentary, Super Size Me.   Here is a first glimpse into his new movie, Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?

Morgan Spurlock The Coolest Guy I’ve Met…

17 11 2007

 Morgan Spurlock

So despite the fame, Morgan Surlock remains one of the coolest people you’ll ever have the fortune of knowing about.  Not only because of the fact that he put McDonalds in the precarious position of being responsible for the high fat foods that it sells to the billions of people across the world, but because he feels that it’s important that people understand that life exists outside of the sheltered view that todays media will have you believe is comfortable and true.  For a guy that’s been nominated for academy awards, and given the praise of having the insight that the advertising monoliths will try and make you forget about, Morgan remains unbiased and true to his belief that mankind has a better future if understands that we actually have a choice.  I know that he hosts a show that lives beyond what you’ve come to know him as on the Fox FX channel, but the reality is that he truly wants a better world that not easy and to fight for what people believe is not fair and in the hands of those that make it to not be so.

So without trying to be preachers to my audience, I encourage you to watch his movies and TV show on Fox FX and make your decision for yourself.  Because if you have other people telling you what to believe, you might as well be forgotten as it is.

OJ Simpson Talk Show Pranks

3 08 2007

Looks like OJ Simpson is appearing on some crappy local talk shows, but whatever made them think that they could have random callers without absolute chaos, is beyond me. Oh well, without stupid slip-ups like this, the internet would be pretty boring!

Favorite line: “Did you kill Bill Walsh?”

Thanks for the link DJ Flound.

Famous “Bell Ringer” on Kimmel Live

1 08 2007

I have no idea what this kid was thinking. Jimmy Kimmel points out a rather confused Texas Tech student trying to show his school spirit by “ringing” the bell. How those TV announcers didn’t break down in laughter is a complete mystery to me.  Thanks for the link Michel

Homer the Pagan

19 07 2007

Homer the Pagan

Our friends at have pointed us to this rather amusing story reported by the Sun. Apparently, a very large outline of Homer Simpson was made next to a pagan outline dating back to the 17th century. Of course, this was purely a publicity stunt to promote the upcoming Simpsons movie, and they claim that the paint will wash it away when it rains.

Definitely a funny way to promote the movie, though they probably could’ve chose a less “controversial” outline to avoid any mistaken sexual judgements on Homer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…