Time’s 100: Colbert vs Rain

10 05 2008

Here’s an older video of the Colbert Report, featuring Stephen Colbert and his first comments on Korean Pop star, Rain. The vid is capped off with Colbert doing an absolutely hilarious rendition of a Rain music video, as he’s “singing in korean.”

For those that haven’t heard about this “feud” between pop culture icons, Stephen Colbert took exception to being second on Time’s 100 most influential people, behind only the K-pop star. Since then Colbert has taken every opportunity to call out Rain, and has even challenged him to a dance off.

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Exploding Whale Guts

6 05 2008

Here’s an old viral video of a whale getting blown to bits in order to dispose of a dead beached carcass. Apparently it dates back to to 1970 or so, so our apologies for the tacky clothing.

What the local beach bums and media did not know was that before blasting this massive sea mammal, they’d have to be over a quarter mile away in order avoid being showered by decaying whale blubber. Oops!

Here’s the official website. Thanks for the link Shipp.

99 Words for Boobs

5 03 2008

Here’s a funny music video full of (you guessed it) 99 different variations on how to say human female mammary glands.  Full of colorful images varying from the SFW and NSFW, this musical parody of the 80’s classic 99 Red Love Balloons will appeal to those that miss Al Bundy’s weekly boob jokes on Married With Children.

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Classic: The ‘Hoff is Hooked on a Feeling

15 07 2007

This music video (if you can call it that) featuring David Hasselhoff is just terrible. The entire thing looks like it was filmed at some low budget public access TV station. I honestly hold nothing against him for his latest headlines, but he should hide his face after taking part in this little musical production.

This one’s been floating around the internet for a while, but I thought I’d bring it back in hopes to deflect some of his other negative press. Which reminds me that I have to make sure to NEVER buy my daughter a video camera. No good EVER comes from filming home videos.  Scratch that, Paris you keep doing your thing girl.

Classic: All Your Base

5 07 2007

All Your Base Shirt

Here’s a classic vid from a few years back, All Your Base Are Belong To Us. To be honest, I think this was the first SuckyKind video I’ve ever seen, and if the blog was around when this released, it probably would’ve merited its own category. Full of mind numbing techno music and ridiculous japanese game translations, this blast from the past has it all.

Update 1: Out of popular request, here is the link to where you can buy the t-shirt featured here. (Compliments of our friends at FavoriteHero.com)

Update 2: It’s been brought to our attention that you can also buy the t-shirt from here, and the “black” version is actually a little bit cheaper. (Available from our friends at thinkgeek.com)

Classic: The Internet is for Porn

26 06 2007

Here’s a classic video of that great song, “The Internet is for Porn.” I don’t quite know why it’s so catchy and endearing. Probably because it has a decided Sesame Street feel to it (hence the Cookie Monster character) and the fact that we can all laugh but know how true it rings.

Sing along with the lyrics after the jump!

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The Scary Maze Game

23 06 2007

Scared Bart

See if you can finish the scary maze game and then come back here and read the rest of the article to see what everyone else thinks about it. I must warn you that this maze can get tricky and may cause some commotion if you play it in the office. Make sure to come back after the jump!

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