Morgan Spurlock The Coolest Guy I’ve Met…

17 11 2007

 Morgan Spurlock

So despite the fame, Morgan Surlock remains one of the coolest people you’ll ever have the fortune of knowing about.  Not only because of the fact that he put McDonalds in the precarious position of being responsible for the high fat foods that it sells to the billions of people across the world, but because he feels that it’s important that people understand that life exists outside of the sheltered view that todays media will have you believe is comfortable and true.  For a guy that’s been nominated for academy awards, and given the praise of having the insight that the advertising monoliths will try and make you forget about, Morgan remains unbiased and true to his belief that mankind has a better future if understands that we actually have a choice.  I know that he hosts a show that lives beyond what you’ve come to know him as on the Fox FX channel, but the reality is that he truly wants a better world that not easy and to fight for what people believe is not fair and in the hands of those that make it to not be so.

So without trying to be preachers to my audience, I encourage you to watch his movies and TV show on Fox FX and make your decision for yourself.  Because if you have other people telling you what to believe, you might as well be forgotten as it is.


Fight for Kisses

17 09 2007

Here’s a pretty funny razor commercial (face shaver, not the phone) featuring some CGI baby action that reminds me of that creepy baby from Ally McBeal.

The Wave on Crack

9 07 2007

Check out this insane “pep rally” that the people at Samsung put together to celebrate the release of a their new 10 MP cell phone. If you thought “the wave” looked cool during the game, you have to see this perfectly choreographed (or “koreagraphed”) number featuring some of the quickest and most complex synchronized movements I’ve ever seen from a large group. (Compliments from our friends at

The only bad thing is that I’ll be pissed if they don’t give me the same kind of celebration every time I upgrade my cell phone.  Or else.  Got that Samsung?

Scary Transforming Car

6 07 2007

Here’s a commercial of a car that transforms into something scary! The video quality isn’t the best, so make sure to watch the car closely. For more scary hijinks, checkout the Scary Maze game!

Conan’s iPhone Commercial

28 06 2007

Given our general disdain for the iPhone’s imminent release, here is a commercial from the Late Show with Conan that tries to get a laugh at the expense of the new cellular from Apple.