Conchords Sing Baguette (Foux da fa fa)

9 08 2007

Here’s a funny vid from the last Flight of the Conchords episode that aired this past Sunday. Those zany New Zealanders always find ways to crack me up, and this obvious attack on French sensibilities is no exception.

Maybe the French President (Nicolas Sarkozy) could’ve used a little “foux da fa fa” on his latest vacation in the states. “Ooh hoh… Baguette!”

Thanks for the link tazamore.


Albi The Racist Dragon

5 08 2007

For those of you that haven’t caught the bizarre yet but strangely amusing new show on HBO, Flight of the Conchords, here is a short clip of “Albi The Racist Dragon” that appeared on last week’s episode. I love how shedding “rainbow jellybean tears” magically cleanses away bigotry and racism. Oh if only it were that easy…