More Cowbell – Techno Mix

23 08 2008

I Was Robbed By Two Men – Viral Workout Vid

12 06 2008

Ha, here’s a fairly amusing viral vid straight from Japan (gasp!) of a workout video featuring three girls repeatedly saying English phrases apparently with the intention of teaching English while working out.  The funny thing is they’re learning to say such bizarre phrases like “I was robbed by two men” since most of the simulated situations appear to involve being mugged on the streets of New York.

Anyways, this looks like this is moving around the web quite a bit virally, so I thought I’d post for your entertainment.

Italian Lego Repairs

9 06 2008

Lego repairs

Caught this interesting post from our friends at Gizmodo of an Italian artist (Jan Vormann) who went around his quiet town of Bocchignano, Italy and provided repairs to various walls. Here’s the trick, instead of using your standard brick & mortar fare to do the job, he used a combination of Lego bricks to complete the repairs.  Now I just have to figure out how to use Lego’s to fix that leaky faucet…

American Idol’s Renaldo Lapuz – I Am Your Brother

22 05 2008

Alright ladies, you might want to sit down for this memorable American Idol tryout from the sweet (yet misguided) intentions of one Renaldo Lapuz.  Words can’t quite express this little skit from the wannabe idol, but it certainly shouldn’t be missed.

Stephen Colbert vs Rain: The Dance Off

13 05 2008

Colbert vs Rain

As a follow-up to a report last week regarding the hilarious “feud” between Stephen Colbert and Korean pop star Rain, I’ve managed to track down video of the actual dance off. Following the closing segment from an episode of the Colbert Report last week, Colbert does his best to show off his moves but ultimately runs out of gas. Enjoy… Rain!!!

Time’s 100: Colbert vs Rain

10 05 2008

Here’s an older video of the Colbert Report, featuring Stephen Colbert and his first comments on Korean Pop star, Rain. The vid is capped off with Colbert doing an absolutely hilarious rendition of a Rain music video, as he’s “singing in korean.”

For those that haven’t heard about this “feud” between pop culture icons, Stephen Colbert took exception to being second on Time’s 100 most influential people, behind only the K-pop star. Since then Colbert has taken every opportunity to call out Rain, and has even challenged him to a dance off.

Thanks for the link Parker.

Dog Gets Pwned, Big Time

5 05 2008

Dog pwned

Wow, this dog gets pwned BIG TIME. Fortunately no animals were seriously injured during this short movie. Okay, I don’t know that for sure but thought I’d say it to appease you animal lovers. Oops, did I say that out loud?

Thanks for the link Amo.