Super Mario Teaches Sex Ed

29 07 2007

Here’s a pretty funny video of Super Mario and his “pasta eating pal” Luigi teaching some kid sex ed, and the dangers of having unprotected sex. Very funny mashup of what appears to be some old Nintendo commercial footage and the old Super Mario cartoon. Now if only I could find that power glove of mine, we’d be ready to party.


Nicole Kidman and Her Nintendo DS

26 06 2007

What happens when you put an Academy Award winning actress and a Nintendo DS game system together? Well, I’m still not quite sure what I’m seeing here, but it looks like alot of confusion all around.

Nicole Kidman is apparently playing a game called Brain Age and is trying to improve her intellect by “exercising her brain.” I haven’t figured out what part of this ad is supposed to make me want one (a DS that is, not a Nicole Kidman) but it does make me want to get into a spirited game of rock, paper, scissors while sporting an Aussi accent.

The Scary Maze Game

23 06 2007

Scared Bart

See if you can finish the scary maze game and then come back here and read the rest of the article to see what everyone else thinks about it. I must warn you that this maze can get tricky and may cause some commotion if you play it in the office. Make sure to come back after the jump!

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