More Cowbell – Techno Mix

23 08 2008

American Idol’s Renaldo Lapuz – I Am Your Brother

22 05 2008

Alright ladies, you might want to sit down for this memorable American Idol tryout from the sweet (yet misguided) intentions of one Renaldo Lapuz.  Words can’t quite express this little skit from the wannabe idol, but it certainly shouldn’t be missed.

George Washington Rap (by Brad Neely)

18 02 2008

In honor of Presidents Day (and having an entire day off with nothing to do but watch random user generated videos) here is an amusing take on the original GW (not to be confused with OG). Enjoy responsibly.

Good find Mac.

Kermit Sings NIN

30 08 2007

Who says you can’t teach an old frog new tricks? Kermit the frog sings the Nine Inch Nails favorite “Hurt” while shooting up with heroin and doing all kinds of other things that may have scarred me for life. While you’re at it, check out Sad Kermit’s MySpace page for some other great Kermit jams.

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Conchords Sing Baguette (Foux da fa fa)

9 08 2007

Here’s a funny vid from the last Flight of the Conchords episode that aired this past Sunday. Those zany New Zealanders always find ways to crack me up, and this obvious attack on French sensibilities is no exception.

Maybe the French President (Nicolas Sarkozy) could’ve used a little “foux da fa fa” on his latest vacation in the states. “Ooh hoh… Baguette!”

Thanks for the link tazamore.

Jailhouse Thriller

20 07 2007

Here’s a vid of a pretty impressive production of “Thriller” brought to you by an assembly of prisoners at a detention facility in the Philippines. Things get a little weird at the end as the zombies close in on the “female” victim (umm… maybe during Shakespeare’s time). But it’s definitely entertaining to see these guys put together this rather elaborate show.

Classic: The ‘Hoff is Hooked on a Feeling

15 07 2007

This music video (if you can call it that) featuring David Hasselhoff is just terrible. The entire thing looks like it was filmed at some low budget public access TV station. I honestly hold nothing against him for his latest headlines, but he should hide his face after taking part in this little musical production.

This one’s been floating around the internet for a while, but I thought I’d bring it back in hopes to deflect some of his other negative press. Which reminds me that I have to make sure to NEVER buy my daughter a video camera. No good EVER comes from filming home videos.  Scratch that, Paris you keep doing your thing girl.