Stephen Colbert vs Rain: The Dance Off

13 05 2008

Colbert vs Rain

As a follow-up to a report last week regarding the hilarious “feud” between Stephen Colbert and Korean pop star Rain, I’ve managed to track down video of the actual dance off. Following the closing segment from an episode of the Colbert Report last week, Colbert does his best to show off his moves but ultimately runs out of gas. Enjoy… Rain!!!


Super Size Me Guy Goes After Bin Laden

1 03 2008

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting Morgan Spurlock,  the genius behind the critically acclaimed documentary, Super Size Me.   Here is a first glimpse into his new movie, Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden?

Insane Super Gel Keeps Egg From Breaking

18 09 2007


If you can stand a few seconds of eccentric Japanese talk show banter, stick around to see this egg that appears to absolutely defy physics.  I’d think that an egg that dropped from a height of 72 feet would crack open when dropped in water, but not on a thin sheet of foam?  I guess there is no spoon Neo.

Compliments of our friends at Gizmodo.