Italian Lego Repairs

9 06 2008

Lego repairs

Caught this interesting post from our friends at Gizmodo of an Italian artist (Jan Vormann) who went around his quiet town of Bocchignano, Italy and provided repairs to various walls. Here’s the trick, instead of using your standard brick & mortar fare to do the job, he used a combination of Lego bricks to complete the repairs.  Now I just have to figure out how to use Lego’s to fix that leaky faucet…


Monkey Love

16 09 2007

Abandoned Monkey

Okay, so we at usually don’t like posting those “warm fuzzy feeling” pictures that you might find on some other websites. But we got forwarded this story of a baby monkey in China that has befriended a pigeon after it was abandoned by its mother. We generally don’t like admitting to having “awwww” moments, but couldn’t help it on this particular occasion.

Thanks for the link Vaslo.

Our “Ape”ologies…

25 07 2007

drunk monkey

We at SuckyKind would like to take a second to apologize to our readers for the lack of posts the last couple of days. The editors have found themselves mostly drunk (or staving off the after effects of being drunk) but promise to make a strong comeback in the upcoming days. Please stay posted for any new umm… posts… and we promise to make it worth your while. But in the meantime, have one on us!

(No animals were hurt during the posting of this blog)

Homer the Pagan

19 07 2007

Homer the Pagan

Our friends at have pointed us to this rather amusing story reported by the Sun. Apparently, a very large outline of Homer Simpson was made next to a pagan outline dating back to the 17th century. Of course, this was purely a publicity stunt to promote the upcoming Simpsons movie, and they claim that the paint will wash it away when it rains.

Definitely a funny way to promote the movie, though they probably could’ve chose a less “controversial” outline to avoid any mistaken sexual judgements on Homer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Drunkvision by Collegehumor

15 07 2007

drunk picture, drunkvision

drunk picture, drunkvision

If you guys haven’t seen this hilarious picture series from, you should give it a look. I posted my personal favorites (and probably the ones that fit me best).  There’s nothing like a drunken night of karaoke and waking up facedown in the grass as the morning dew collects around you.  Damn, that’s good.  Write that one down.

Create Your Own Simpson

13 07 2007

The Simpsons Homer Superman

To promote the release of the new Simpsons Movie, 20th Century Fox has release a cool flash based character creator. Somehow my character oddly looked a lot like Moe with his ugly mug. And when I tried to create some hot chick, she turned out to look alot like KD Lang. So I obviously didn’t have the best of luck, but I suggest you give it a go and see how you do.

Great Name Tag Idea

8 07 2007

Inigo Montoya Name Tag
For those of you who dread having to scribble your name onto those stupid name stickers, here is a fun idea to stick it to the man. (Compliments of

Just make sure that your potential audience knows about its reference to The Princess Bride, and that you’re not some sort of nutjob ready to go postal. Okay… on second thought, maybe this is an idea you can defer to one of your less than favorite friends. 😉

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I strongly suggest you buy/rent/download/netflix/whatever The Princess Bride for a great laugh.  In the meantime, find a video short after the jump of the famous line “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father… Prepare to die.”

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