Will Ferrell’s Commencement Speech at… Harvard?

24 08 2008

This one might appeal to the kids of the graduating audience, but something tell me the parents that forked ou\ver the $100K+ in tuitions wanted someone a little more… serious?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Will Ferrell but I’d still prefer the dry Surgeon General speech I got if only to make the parents happy.  Man I’m starting to sound old…


Jane’s Interesting Brand Timeline

24 05 2008

Jane\'s Brand Post

Just caught this interesting blog post from DearJaneSample.com, and thought it was an experiment worth sharing. It’s simply a 24 hour timeline of all the brands that the blog’s moderator interacts with, which gives an eerily telling story of the days events.

I thought of putting together my own timeline, but fear that most of it would involve an embarrassingly “healthy” dose of everything between 5:48pm and 2:18am (unfortunately much more of the former as of late).

Stephen Colbert vs Rain: The Dance Off

13 05 2008

Colbert vs Rain

As a follow-up to a report last week regarding the hilarious “feud” between Stephen Colbert and Korean pop star Rain, I’ve managed to track down video of the actual dance off. Following the closing segment from an episode of the Colbert Report last week, Colbert does his best to show off his moves but ultimately runs out of gas. Enjoy… Rain!!!

Google Me – Full Length Movie

8 05 2008

For those of you who haven’t heard, some guy named Jim Killeen set about making a full length documentary based on the results he pulled from “googling” his own name in the famous search engine. From there he set about tracking all of the interesting (and not so interesting) people around the world that share his name.

Personally, whenever I Google my own name I get a little depressed and my delusions of being a precious and unique snow flake begin to melt away (tear). Anyways, I hope you enjoy this guys movie about traveling around the world while making a buck of the the search engine that rhymes with Frugal.

Here’s the official site to buy the DVD, just in case you couldn’t get enough from our YouTube crap definition goodness.

Exploding Whale Guts

6 05 2008

Here’s an old viral video of a whale getting blown to bits in order to dispose of a dead beached carcass. Apparently it dates back to to 1970 or so, so our apologies for the tacky clothing.

What the local beach bums and media did not know was that before blasting this massive sea mammal, they’d have to be over a quarter mile away in order avoid being showered by decaying whale blubber. Oops!

Here’s the official website. Thanks for the link Shipp.

Dog Gets Pwned, Big Time

5 05 2008

Dog pwned

Wow, this dog gets pwned BIG TIME. Fortunately no animals were seriously injured during this short movie. Okay, I don’t know that for sure but thought I’d say it to appease you animal lovers. Oops, did I say that out loud?

Thanks for the link Amo.

99 Words for Boobs

5 03 2008

Here’s a funny music video full of (you guessed it) 99 different variations on how to say human female mammary glands.  Full of colorful images varying from the SFW and NSFW, this musical parody of the 80’s classic 99 Red Love Balloons will appeal to those that miss Al Bundy’s weekly boob jokes on Married With Children.

Thanks for the link Ahku.